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Why We're A Winning Extension ?

Tab suspending is a method which help to optimize browser tabs managment usage, and prevent memory leaks by suspending unused tabs

Our tab suspender is the best out there, we offer many options and features which help to prevent memory leaks in your chrome browser, and make it rocket fast !

Our tab suspender was designe to detect unused tabs, and suspend them in order to prevent memory leaks and slow work flow. rocket tab suspender extension is super light weight and that what makes him rocket fast !

Our Features !

# Suspending Active Tab

# Suspending All Tabs

# Wake All Tabs

# Save&Close All Tabs To Reduce Memory

# Use Saved Tabs At Any Time

# Add Tabs To Whitelist

# Unsuspend Audible Tabs

# Unsuspend Pinned Tabs

# Make Your Browser Rocket Fast !

Ohh, And It's Free :)